At GreyCells, our endeavor is to set the respondents’ mind free and take them with us on exploration trips. Our distinctiveness lies in generating meaningful insights by experimenting within and beyond a wide spectrum of known research methods and applying the most appropriate projective techniques to best answer the fundamental issue or concept or idea being researched.



Services Offered

  • Focus group discussions (including online bulletin boards)
  • Individual in depth interviews (face to face and phone interviews)
  • Consumer labs and immersions
  • Interactive workshops with various audience sets.
  • Ethnographic studies
  • Observation Studies
  • Mystery Shopping

Tools & Techniques

Whole Brain Technic

  • Aids in capturing both the levels (left and right) of association of a brain – rational and emotional drivers for any product/service category
  • Helps a brand in many ways – exploring fertile opportunities/white spaces, value proposition development et al

Bull's Eye Exercise

  • Explores the purchase dynamics across product/service categories
  • Prioritizes factors essential in driving purchase behavior – identifies ‘brand’ in the hierarchical order


  • Evaluates communication – animatics, storyboards/narramatics, concepts/ideas, print ads, TV commercials, radio spots etc
  • Gauges acceptance levels and relevance through pre-tests and also identifies overall effectiveness via post-tests

Brand Health

  • Provides an integrated perspective of a brand in the marketplace – captures dual perspective of consumers and competitors
  • Helps draw the analogy between attitudes and behavior towards a brand –provides a blueprint to develop a strategic road map for the brand

Emotive Indexing (EDEX)

  • Brings out psychological influences on consumers – gives a real picture of reasons, drivers and feelings affecting ‘brand choices’
  • Helps marketers communicate messages in a more meaningful and emotionally resonant way – as emotions get linked to the product/service category

Brand Sculpting

  • Brand Sculpting is the process of arriving at the accurate consumer view of a brand – taps the consumer’s subconscious cues
  • A gamut of techniques are used to explore areas that consumers might not necessarily find it easy to elucidate otherwise (e.g. brand perceptions)
  • User Profiling : Helps to personify the brand and gives a rich data for comparison which can be used as a differentiating factor
  • Brand Party : Highlights distinct personality dimensions; hence associated attributes with the brand
  • World View : Identifies brand’s strengths and weaknesses with respect to competition

Creative Sessions

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  • Invokes the creative abilities of consumers and captures the subliminal with its  engrossing format where the approach goes beyond the regular ‘question – answer’ sessions
  • Tailor made to suit the research problem/hypothesis at hand
  • Picture Talk : Visuals serve as a potent tool in deciphering responses
  • Collage Exercise : Provides a ‘visual manifestation’ of the subject matter, like brand/service/’ideal’ proposition
  • Sorting : A key sensory research method used to understand consumer perceptions about categories in their own language