At GreyCells, we make research easy with technology tools at your fingertips. We conduct OBBs, online discussion forums, live chat, webcam interaction, blogs effectively. These engaging online formats lead to richer and more insightful research.

Why Online?

  • Effective in reaching out to geographically dispersed consumers in an optimum time frame
  • Minimal bias as opposed to social pressure in groups
  • Anonymity creates the right environment for generating truly honest responses
  • Richer data generation – since respondents can respond at own time and pace, the responses are well thought out and more in-depth

Online methodology has been especially used for hard to reach audiences and experts. Also, at times it works very well when used in conjunction with F2F.

Our recommendations are tailor made keeping in mind the specificity of the project/client (audience group and objectives). We often use a mix of these techniques with a focused end goal … of providing rich, meaningful and insightful data and analysis.

Our Key Online Qualitative Techniques Include:

Online Bulletin Boards

These are highly involved discussions that unfold as Q&A sessions over a duration agreed on – could extend to a few days. Participants log in at their convenience resulting in more time spent on the research and rich insights that go deeper than the average focus group.

They can also be used as pre-work and for collecting videos and pictures, prior to a more detailed and exhaustive ethnography.

Online Discussion Forums

These forums are relatively simplified bulletin boards. They run for longer duration and also have more number of participants. The moderator can post topics and edit or remove inappropriate and irrelevant comments.

Other Offerings

  • Live Chat
  • Webcam Interactions
  • Blogs
  • Panels
  • Pre-Tasks/Diaries

Other Verticals

Qualitative Research

Focused group discussions, consumer labs & immersion, individual workshops, ethnographic studies, mystery shopping… (know more)

Quantitative Research (GCUBE)

Sampling, analysis, project control, action-ability (know more)

Secondary Research

Sensing business, knowledge discovery,data synthesis, data modelling, data generation (know more)

Consulting Services

Strategic consulting, feasibility study, setting up locations/offices, marketing strategy and follow-up planning and execution...(know more)

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