Is child truly the father of man?

With a third of India’s urban population and a strong “buying” class, today kids form a segment that definitely cannot be ignored. Buyers, Consumers, Influencers; they are indeed an imposing segment. Mobile phones, Cars, Apparels, Retail, Consumer electronics – their influence can vary across categories but it is unequivocally established that the new generation kids…


‘More-ness’ around festivities

Consider this: Cadbury Celebrations went all out last year to integrate the brand with Raksha Bandhan, not just on television but on social media as well – be it the innovative Facebook contest “Tell your sister she is special” or the created Facebook app that shows siblings wishing each other real time. While actual sales…


‘White’ speaks

What does the color ‘White’ mean – is it the opposite of black or it represents light in comparison to darkness? Or is it just any other color? The science of semiotics is indeed interesting, as it helps look at signs, symbols and colors through a completely different lens. While undertaking a consumer deep dive…


The value paradox

Being Indians, we all realize the ‘value for money’ syndrome that plagues us, well everywhere. Ingrained in us, inspite of all lifestyle products entering our homes is this ‘paisa vasool’ mindset and marketers vouch for its profound existence even in the current scenario. From a street hawker who gives free ‘dhania-mirch’ on purchase of vegetables…


Nature with a twist

India is going back to its roots! With the existence of the ‘natural’ concept since eons what has suddenly motivated us to employ them with such zeal? The natural and serene Yoga has found a variant in Power Yoga, a meditative routine calls for a trip to the hills, herbal cosmetics and Ayurvedia medicines with…

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