GreyCells is a consumer insights mining organisation. Started more than a decade ago, our team brings in varied mindsets to unearth consumer insights that are simple and effective. We have diverse backgrounds spanning advertising, media and marketing but share a common passion to unravel the deep consumer space through non-stereotypical ways which allow us to transcend the physical.

As a market research consulting company, we provide a full range of market research solutions to Indian and global clients. Our service suite includes end-to-end research operations, project management, insights generation, and consulting.

Our extensive hands on global experience, combined with our deep knowledge of the Indian market and its cultural values, uniquely enables us to understand Indian consumer.

GreyCells brings in international expertise and learning with the tools of our global partner Hall & Partners.

Our Guiding Philosophy

We believe that the role of research is to simplify complex issues. And to do so, it must cut through arguments, sift through debates and look deep for real insights.

“Keep looking further and deeper, always vigilant to relevant details.”

Our Insights are as much heart as they are mind. We value the power of intuitive thinking

Our Belief

We believe in the symbiotic relationship between social change and human behavior, and the interdependence of the two disciplines

  • Go beyond the good-to-know to answer ‘what does it mean for me?’
  • Most of the times it’s all about Simplicity and Common Sense
  • Rise above the physical to delve into emotional and psychological

Our Edge

  • Generating insights through in-depth analysis and offering actionable marketing solutions. Greater emphasis on adding value to a realistic respondent base, instead of extensive data collection and reporting of findings.
  • Dedicated team – leading projects from the start to finish.
  • Involvement of senior level researchers right from designing the project to fieldwork to analysis and client interaction.
  • A core team of subject matter experts (SMEs) is involved at all the key stages.
  • Service delivery is quality controlled and checked at every stage of the process.
  • Continuous on-the-job training is given before handing over independent project charge to any researcher.