One stop solution for all your research needs

We are a global consumer insights mining organisation using a wide spectrum of research methods that address fundamental research issues . We bring in expertise and help deliver meaningful insights to Indian and global clients.


Diverse Backgrounds

Our team brings in diverse backgrounds spanning advertising, media and marketing but share a common passion to unravel the deep consumer space through non-stereotypical ways.

Cultural Anthropology

Our extensive hands on global experience, combined with our deep knowledge of the Indian market and its cultural values, uniquely enables us to understand Indian consumer.

Intuitive Wisdom

Our insights are as much heart as they are mind. To dive to the core, we go beyond the conscious and delve into the subliminal.

Consumer Technology

Our experience over the past decade has reiterated our belief that a symbiotic relationship between social change and human behaviour exists, and the interdependence of the two is inevitable.

Learn and Unlearn

We lay great emphasis on adding value to realistic respondent base. With involvement of senior level researchers and Subject Matter Experts at all key stages, even our most experienced members learn something new everyday.

Perfection In Detail

With the capability to conduct Qualitative and Quantitative research anywhere across the sub-continent, we work with diverse language capabilities associating with regional language moderators and India’s finest field service agencies.